Cartoon Baby Bath Cups
Cartoon Baby Bath Cups
Cartoon Baby Bath Cups

Cartoon Baby Bath Cups

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Bath time can be challenging when your little one is splashing around and has toys everywhere. With the Baby Bath Time Rinser, playing, scrubbing and cleaning up is made easy. Rinse the shampoo from baby's hair and enjoy tear-free tub time with a gentle rinse, all while keeping baby entertained with their favorite wind-up cartoon rinser, who paddles through sudsy water. Then, clean up is done in seconds with Baby Bath Time Rinser's simple plastic material.

PHEW, bath time just got a lot simpler.

Rinse features a soft, contouring rim that gently hugs child's forehead and keeps soap and water out of eyes.

Baby Bath Time Rinser helps wash soap out of your babies hair, this is a bath time must, with a perfect grip handle and fun colors to keep bath time fun!

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